They say, there’s a story behind everything!

Here, I try to summarise my food-loving-journey and how I ended up here – sharing recipes, reviews, information and most importantly, my love for food – at Flavours To Savour.

The craze of cooking caught me when I was 15. Since then, the joy of experimenting and making different food items has been second to none. The thought of cooking new dishes excites me. If there is any recipe out there – be it in a Book, Internet, or any Food show – which seems new to me, has to be tried at least once in The Engineer’s Kitchen.

It is then given a special touch, the Engineer-cum-chef’s touch! And anything that is planned, cooked, or served from The Engineer’s Kitchen is worth to savour. Well, at least the reviewers say so!

And yeah! That’s what I call my kitchen – The Engineer’s Kitchen. Wondering, why so?

I am a Computer Engineer by profession.

I am amazed at people’s reactions when they say, “Yaar tum toh Software Engineer ho. Cooking ka shaukh kahan se aya? (You are a software engineer. From where did you develop an interest in cooking?)”

It doesn’t end there. A lot of people also say, “Being a software engineer, tumhe cooking aati hai? (Do you know how to cook)?”

Haa, well, that’s that!

I have to admit that I have been a foodie always, not many people believe it. I always try to experiment newer and quicker recipes. Since people have a lot less time to spend on themselves these days, my motive is to give them what they want – something yummylicious which can be prepared in a short time.

There are some characteristics about me that I feel are so teacher-esque, that I end up reviewing a lot of food items around me. Since I am so passionate about food items, being a food critic (trust me I am not so critical) comes along with it.

Well, my name reads ‘K-R-I-T-I-K-A-L’ too. *Winks*

There have been a lot of people who have encouraged me to write Reviews and share the Recipes – that I improvise and experiment – and prepare at The Engineer’s Kitchen, I thought what better it could be than to share them through this medium.

The short-sweet-tale of Flavours to Savour ends here, but the real one is about to begin – in your kitchen!

Surf your way through my food blog and I am sure that you will love a lot of recipes that you would want to give a try in your kitchen.

Thank you for visiting my food blog 🙂 I’d be happy to know your views and thoughts!

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