8 Holi Dessert Recipes You Must Try This Holi Season

8 Holi Dessert Recipes 2022

Holi Dessert Recipes: Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated throughout the world by the masses, especially in India. This festival isn’t just about colour but it also brings so much joy and playfulness along with it. I love the whole vibe of this festival. Don’t you? And well it also brings along lots of yumminess and deliciousness. If it’s a festival, how can it be complete without some scrumptious food? And where there is food, there is me! So here I am to share some delectable Holi Dessert Recipes with you all which you can very easily prepare at your home this Holi Season and I am sure everyone is going to love it.

I have tried to keep all sorts of delicious Holi Recipes in this mix. There is something for everyone and all age groups. From Traditional Indian Desserts to Fusion Desserts, we have it all. I have curated all of the Fusion Recipes mentioned below by myself. And for that, I have been experimenting a lot in my kitchen. I have gained a lot of appreciation for these recipes and I am sure your family is going to love this too. So if you want to know all about the Holi Dessert Recipes to try this year, then find all f them down below.

1. Kheeranand – Traditional Holi Dessert Recipe

Shekhawati Kheeranand in a Kulhad

This is the traditional recipe of Kheeranand straight from my ancestors in Shekhawat, Rajasthan. This is as traditional as it gets. If you don’t know what a Kheeranand is, then it is a thicker version of Kheer (Milky Rice Porridge). And trust me I love this way more than I love Kheer. I am sure you are going to love this too. So give it a shot in your kitchen. Read the Full Recipe Here

2. Paan Chocolate – Quickest Holi Dessert Recipe

Paan Flavoured Chocolates Recipe at Home

This has to be one of the easiest and quickest Recipes out of all of these Holi Dessert Recipes. And not to forget it is extremely delicious too. Since it is chocolate kids are definitely going to love this and since it has a fusion of Paan flavour to it, adults won’t be able to say NO to this either. You can serve it at a party or send it as a gift. It’s a complete package. Find The Full Recipe Here

3. Thandai Mousse – The Perfect Fusion Holi Dessert Recipe

How to make Thandai Mousse

I am sure we all must have had Thandais on Holi. And we surely enjoy it too. But what if I tell you I gave this popular Holi flavour a form of Dessert and this is going to be a super hit at your Holi Party. Yes, my friend. This is a complete eggless recipe with No Gelatin, No Agar Agar & a No-Bake or No-Cook Recipe. What else do you need? Prepare this a Day prior and serve it chilled at your Holi Party. And the guests are bound to love it. Full Recipe of Thandai Mousse

4. Gulkand Rabdi – Flavourful Holi Dessert Recipe

Rabdi banane ka tarika

And we are here to one of my favourite Recipes of all time. Firstly I am a complete sweet tooth lover. So I am already a BIG FAN of Rabdi. But for the festival of Holi, I added a splash of Gulkand Flavour to this mass popular Dessert Recipe to make it a Party Favourite. And trust me you guys you CAN NOT miss this recipe. It is a nice Indian Fusion Dessert Recipe ideal for your Holi Party. Read the Full Recipe Here

5. Anjeer Kulfi – Sugar-Free Holi Dessert Recipe

Sugar Free Holi Dessert Recipe

It is the Summer Season and no Summe Dessert List can be complete without a Kulfi. Yes you guys, Kulfi is another of my personal favourite. But I have seen a lot of people avoiding sweets due to their health. So I had to come up with Sugar-Free Dessert Recipe for all of our Health enthusiasts so that you can enjoy this festival Guilt-Free. Try this Sugar Free Dessert Recipe Now

6. Rabdi Chocolate Shots

Rabdi-Chocolate-Pudding Shots

Another Fusion Dessert of 2 really mass favourite elements/flavours/desserts- Chocolate & Rabdi. Yes, I have been sharing a lot of fusion recipes with you but the list of Desserts is incomplete without a Chocolate Dessert in it. And si, I am here with this Chocolate Fusion Dessert that is quick and unique. You should definitely try this recipe at home to know how yummy it tastes. Try This Recipe

7. Kesar Pista Kulfi

Easy Holi Dessert Recipe 2022

And if at all we talk about summer dessert, how can we forget the all-time classic – Kesar Pista Kulfi. This has been one of my favourite Kulfi Flavours of all time. This recipe is easy, quick, and super delectable. Another brilliant recipe from the Heritage of India. I have kept it classic and haven’t tweaked anything in this. It is made of pure Milk without any Khoya/Mawa, Condensed milk, or any other thickening agent. Hence you need to try this Pure Classic Kesar Pista Kulfi. Find The Recipe Here

8. Shrikhand – Classic Holi Dessert Recipe

Easy Holi Dessert Recipe

I believe, Shrikhand is one of the most prepared Desserts in Indian Households, during the Summers. And nothing can beat the evergreen chilled Shrikhand during Summers. nd if you are someone, who doesn’t want to experiment with a lot of desserts this Holi then this is your pick. Loved by one and all, and an extremely simple Recipe of Shrikhand.

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