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Act II Nachoz Product Review: Know The Taste, Price, and Packaging of Latest Nachos Chips Trending in Market

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Act II as we all know is a trendy brand of Popcorn which originated in North America in 1984. ConAgra Foods manufacture it. In about 30+ years, Act II has become the leading Popcorn brand in India, as well. It has now come up with its Nachos Chips. These Nachos Chips are available in three flavours: Plain Salted, Cheesy, and Tomato. Nachos are your regular Tortilla Chips served with loads of Cheese, Salsa Sauce, Olives, Baked Beans, or sliced Onions. It is a very popular Mexican dish.

One & all love Nachos as a snack, be it any age group. It has now become one of the popular snacking options. To tell you more about it, Nachos are made up of Corn generally. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

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There are a lot of other brands that have come up in India with their variant of Nacho Chips, so Act II is undoubtedly going to face stiff competition in the Indian market. It is not that easily available in the market, yet, as it’s a newly launched product. But I guess you would be able to find it on online stores or in some of India’s leading Mega marts. Now let’s get straight to the review:

How does Act II Nachoz Chips Taste?

Act II Nacho Chips, have not been advertised well in the market, as yet. These variants are a new launch. As already mentioned above, these come in three flavours: Plain Salted, Cheesy and Tomato. They are super crispy and crunchy too.

The Plain Salted Nachos were too dull and as the name suggests they tasted a bit salted. Being a foodie that I am, I did not like the flavour at all, as I could not find any.  (Also Read: Pillsbury Cookie Cake Product Review: Know About This More-Than-A-Cookie and Less-Than-A Cake Special Chocolate Variant in the Market)

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The Cheese Nachos Chips were all yummy. When served with Cheese Sauce & Salsa, it tastes even better.

The Tomato flavoured Nacho Chips were all tangy, and a little spicy too. It complemented well with loads of Cheese Sauce and Grated Cheese on top.

How is the Packaging of Act II Nachoz Chips?

It comes in the usual (Chips sort of) packaging with a glossy plastic in shades of bright hues to grab customer’s attention. I got my hand on this combined packing of 3, which was available at a discounted rate.

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Is Act II Nachoz Chips Value for Money?

One packet of Act II Nachoz Chips serves 150 grams, for Rs. 55.00. It is a lot cheaper as compared to other Nachos Chips’ brands in the Indian market. And for the flavours and quantity that it offers, I feel it is a total value for money until we find a better one. Chings Secret Hot Garlic Instant Noodles Product Review: Experience Desi Chinese Flavour Like Never Before!

What does Food Kritik have to say about Act II Nachoz Chips?

If you guys haven’t tried Nachoz chips in your life ever, then you can try this one! You can also have it if you have guests coming to your home and you want a quick-munch on option.

If you want a yummy or a different snack-item to munch on, while you are binge-watching or enjoying a cricket match with your friends, you should not miss this one! You can only miss out on this if you do not like something of this sort. (which is rare)

aCT Rating Popcorn 4 Star


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