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Chocolate Dessert-Cum-Snack
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Bauli Moonfils Product Review: Know All About This Croissant-Like Chocolaty Dessert-Cum-Snack

Bauli Moonfils comes as a very unique product in the Indian market. It has that ‘Made in India’ feels to it too. Know all about its taste, packaging, and if it is worth a buy or not in this detailed product review.

Product Reviews

Paper Boat Energy Drinks Review: Know More About Aamras, Jamun Kala Khatta, and Chilli Guava Flavours and Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane

With Paper Boat Drinks being made from natural fruits, flowers, pulses, and spices only, the slogan ‘Drinks and Memories’, lives up to its bill. Just as they have advertised, having just a sip of it will surely take you to a trip down the memory lane. Here’s more about its flavours.