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Which One Is Better, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy or Parle Milano? Read Detailed Product Review of These Chocolate Sauce-Filled Cookies Here!

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies vs Parle Milano Cookies Comparison

It is for the first time that Flavours To Savour brings to you a comparison of two similar kinds of luxury cookies, but of two different brands. Not to forget that both the brands are the top names in the ‘Biscuits & Cookies Industry. Can you guess the names already?

We all are very much aware of the biscuit brands – Parle and Sunfeast. One of the oldest biscuit brands in India, Parle was launched in the year 1929. It has given us a wide range of scrumptious biscuits such as Parle G, KrackJack, Monaco, Hide & Seek, and other variants. On the other hand, ITC’s Sunfeast brand, which is another big name in the biscuits industry, was launched in 2003.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies vs Parle Milano Cookies

Comparatively, it is a newer brand than Parle; nonetheless, it has given us some delicious treats too, in form of Marie Light, Mom’s Magic, glucose biscuits, healthy digestive biscuits, and cream biscuits. Both, Parle and Sunfeast are doing their best to one-up each other in the industry and the competition is neck-to-neck.

Both, Parle and Sunfeast have these premium cookies, which are kind of similar. Hence, we thought to compare them and find out which one was better! On one hand, we took Parle Milano Dark Choco center-filled Cookies, while on the other hand, we took Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco-filled Cookies.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies vs Parle Milano Cookies Comparison Chart

Parle Milano Dark Choco Cookies retail for INR 35.00 (for 75g) and Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies retail for INR 30.00 (for 75g) in the Indian market. They are easily available on all grocery stores & all leading Mega marts or even Online Stores.

To make things clear, we’d like to mention beforehand that this post (read review) is my opinion and is not a paid or promotional post. To begin with, I’d tell you that I loved both the variants; however, we take a look at Taste, Packaging, Price Worthiness, and the Final verdict of the comparison:

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies and Parle Milano Cookies Nutrition Guide


As you open the packing of a cookie, you will see a very dark brown round cookie which is thick. A bite of it and you experience pure indulgence in its dark chocolate. The yummylicious chocolate sauce filled inside the cookie melts in your mouth, giving your taste buds one of the best soothing tastes ever. The sun-baked cookies engulf in them the rich melted chocolate which mesmerizes your senses!

Both the cookies are as same as described above. However, Milano cookies are richer in its Dark Chocolate content and sweeter than the Sunfeast cookies. Hence, Milano cookies have a higher amount of fats & carbs. Having said that, the higher quantity of chocolate and sweetener makes it taste better between them.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies vs Parle Milano Cookies Comparison Chart


Both Parle Milano and Sufeast Dark Fantasy cookies have the same packaging. They are packed in a cardboard box, which consists of 6 cookie packets. Also, both the brands have ensured that the weather factors do not hamper the freshness of it; hence, they are double-sealed.  However, Milano cookies’ packaging is sturdier than that of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy cookies.  Although they are very identical in size, it seems that Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills are bigger than Parle Milano cookies.

Which One’s More Value for money, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy or Parle Milano Choco Filled Cookies?

Milano cookies are slightly higher priced than Sunfeast cookies. I feel that both the cookies are value for money, as charging Rs. 5 more doesn’t make much of a difference, given the fact that Milano cookies have better taste. Also, one should not forget that both Parle and Sunfeast serve us the same weight of products at different prices. Therefore, it becomes your choice as to which one do you want to savour!

Review of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Cookies and Parle Milano Cookies

Food Kritik:

Both the cookies are just so delicious and one can’t really choose one between the two. Both, Parle Milano and Sunfeast Dark Fantasy biscuits have their own pros and cons in terms of taste, packaging, price, health quotient etc.

For me, I would always prefer taste over anything else. The rich quality (extra chocolate and sweetener) that Milano cookies provide, I would choose Milano over Sunfeast any day. However, that doesn’t mean that Sunfeast cookies are rated any less. The ratings given below are based on all the aspects mentioned above.

Is Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Better Than Parle Milano? Read Detailed Product Review Of These Luxury Choco-Filled Cookies

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