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Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello Review: Is This New Dairy Milk Chocolate Worth It?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Review

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello Review: Cadbury has been the unpronounced king of the Chocolate market in India. We have all been fans of Cadbury since a long time. I am sure all of us do love atleast one of the products by Cadbury. Be it Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Silk (and its variants), Cadbury Oreo and the list just doesn’t end. Today, I am here to talk about another Cadbury Dairy Milk launch i.e. Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello. Are you a fan of Cadbury Dairy Milk too? Well, I am sure you will find this honest product review helpful.

Well, I came across this latest offering by Cadbury Dairy Milk in the D-Mart store recently. I thought of giving it a fair try as I am a big Chocolate junkie. Its shiny packaging caught my eyes, and that’s when I decided to try it and also review it for you all. (Also Read: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy YumFills Cake Product Review)

There are very few Cadbury chocolates that I have been a great fan of, but its packaging and the fact that it was a chocolate that I am staring at, intrigued me to trying it. This Cadbury Dairy Milk offering retails for Rs 30/- and serves 35 grams of the product.

Cadbury Chocolate Review

You can easily find this latest offering by Cadbury on both online (Big Basket, Jio Mart, Amazon, Flipkart) and offline stores (supermarket, grocery stores, etc). Well, let’s take a deep dive into the details of Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello and find out more about its taste, nutritional value, packaging, and more.

Is Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello Tasty?

This chocolate is undoubtedly delicious. It was extremely chocolaty! It literally melted in my mouth on the first bite. But it still gives you a bite of the rice balls. It had added flavours to it which made it all the more better. And I absolutely loved the flavours of this Chocolate bar. Try This : Rabdi Chocolate Pudding Shots Recipe: Try This Innovative Fusion Dessert At Home This Summer

How is the Packaging of Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello?

The new Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate comes in the usual packaging like other Cadbury chocolates do.  However, it is attractive, fuss-free and easy to carry too. It makes it a good option for on-the-go snacks. Quick Read:

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Is Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello Value for Money?

This retails for Rs. 30/- Some people might find it to be a bit smaller in size for the price of Rs 30. So, the value of this Cadbury Dairy Milk’s offering might vary from person to person. However, to me, I did find it worth my money, given its amazing taste!

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Food KRITIK Rating:

As mentioned, I loved Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello very much. For anyone who likes chocolate with any kind of crispies in it, will surely love this one. People who are a wafer-chocolate bar fans, should definitely give this a try. Quick Read: Unibic Fruit and Nut Snack Bar Review: Is This Energy Bar Actually Healthy?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crispello Rating

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