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Britannia Treat Croissant Review : Is this Actually Tasty & Worth Your Money?

britannia treat croissant vanilla creme roll

Britannia Treat Croissant Review: Britannia has been one of the biggest names in the food industry for the past 100 years. It is a trusted manufacturer of Biscuits, Bread, Dairy Products, Rusks & more. I am one of the biggest fan of the Britannia Biscuits. I am sure you to love it as much as I do. Today there are a lot of brands in the market for Biscuits but Britannia will always remain one of my favorites.

Well, I came across this Britannia Treat Croissant Vanilla, in a grocery store recently. I thought of giving it a fair try as I am a sweet tooth person. Its big shiny packaging caught my eyes, and that’s when I decided to try it and also review it for you all.

britannia treat croissant cocoa cream roll

I have tried a Croissant earlier as well. You can read my review for it here This Britannia Croissant retails for Rs 15/- and serves 45 grams of the product. You can easily find this latest offering by Britannia, both online (Big Basket, Jio Mart, Amazon, Flipkart) and offline stores (supermarket, grocery stores, etc). Well, let’s take a deep dive into the details of Britannia Treat Croissant and find out more about its taste, nutritional value, packaging, and more. Also Read: Product Review for Amul Kool Koko

Is Britannia Treat Croissant Tasty?

It is yummy. It was also flaky. Vanilla Cream was present in some parts of it which made it sweeter in those parts. It was also very moist & Buttery. I don’t think it was similar to the freshly baked croissant but it was pretty decent in terms of its taste.

How is the Packaging of Britannia Treat Croissant?

It has the regular plastic packaging as that of any Chips packet. It has a glossy finish with bright colors which attract you towards it.

britannia treat croissant cocoa cream roll

Is Britannia Treat Croissant Value for Money?

This retails for Rs. 15/- and you can find it on furthermore discounts online. You get a croissant in just this amount which is a crazy deal because if you visit any bakery for a freshly baked Croissant, it’s going to charge you way more than this. On the whole, it is absolutely value for money if you wanna have a croissant.

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Food KRITIK Rating:

As mentioned, I liked Britannia Treat Croissant pretty much. It is a decent product especially for the price it retails in. It is something new for the Indian market and we are yet to see people’s responses towards this. If you want to try a new bakery product, you can give this a shot. If you are a sweet tooth person like me you can try this. I am not sure if I will go ahead and invest my money in this majorly because I will prefer having a freshly baked croissant. That would taste better. And for my Flavours, Quality & Taste always trumps the money portion. So yes, that is my verdict for Britannia Treat Croissant.

britannia treat croissant vanilla creme roll

I hope you found this Britannia Treat Croissant Review resourceful, and it helps you to make a decision to buy it or not. And if you want to buy, which product to buy. Do comment your views on the review, and what product should I review for you next in the comments section below.

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