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How to Prepare Tasty Maggi? Know These Easy Steps To Prepare Simple Maggi Instant Noodles!

Maggi NOodles Recipe

Maggi Instant Noodles is one of those food items, which is loved by one and all. The instant Noodles, by Nestle, is that delicious dish that can be prepared at any time be it, for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I love Maggi. Who doesn’t? I have loved it since I have remembered starting eating it. It is easy to prepare too, right, who doesn’t know that?


Making a plate of yummy Maggi is no rocket science! I have come across people, who say that they know ‘cooking’ and when asked about what do they know about it, they have always answered it with ‘Maggi’.


Yes, it is that easy. However, every person has a different way of preparing Maggi. Also, there have been times where I have seen people getting confused with what to put first, the Maggi Noodles cake or the masala, some more spices or to just keep it as it is.


Well, with all said and done, we at Flavours To Savour, we thought to make things simpler for you. To make Maggi an easy task again, with no fancy ingredients or any extra flavours or masala or anything. Here’s the recipe from The Engineer’s Kitchen that would make you fall in love with your plain-yet-savoury Maggi Noodles all over again!


Cook Time: 10 Minutes

Level of Cooking: Easy

Serves: 1


  1. Maggi – One packet
  2. Water – A cup and a half


  1. Take one and a half cup of Water in a pan.
  2. Heat the pan on medium flame.
  3. When the Water comes to boil, add the Maggi Cake to the pan.
  4. Cover it with a lid for a minute.
  5. After a minute, uncover the lid and add the tastemaker to the pan.
  6. Mix it well.
  7. Without breaking the Noodles.
  8. Just when all of your Water is boiled, switch off the flame.
  9. Enjoy the hot Maggi in this lovely weather!
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