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Paper Boat Aam Panna Product Review: Should One Try This Refreshing Drink?

Paper Boat Energy Drinks are non-carbonated and fizz-free. These are ready-to-serve fruit beverages. With the drinks being made from natural fruits, flowers, pulses and spices completely, the brand’s slogan ‘Drinks and Memories’, lives up to its bill.

After seeing their advertisements, it is evident that you will take a walk down the memory lane, just after having a sip! The company claims to have used no add colours and preservatives in any of its drinks. They have many flavours to savour such as Jaljeera, Jamun, Aamras, Aam Panna and the list goes on. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

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Aam Panna is one such drink which we all have had in our childhood. Just as the scorching summers would arrive; our mother used to give us an energy boost with this tangy drink, after we used to come back home after playing. Just one glass of Aam Panna would refill our energy levels and our heart with delight!

I must confess that one glass was never enough for us, and the craving to have it more was one-of-its-kind. Paper Boat’s Aam Panna flavour is sure going to bring those cheerful memories of your childhood back.

Paper Boat is in the market for quite a long time and I hadn’t had tried any of the flavours until last week. However, as I came across this Aam Panna variant at a Super Market; I thought to give it a try. The only motive at the time I bought Aam Panna was to help me calm my nerves in this unfathomable summer heat. (Also Read: Product Review; Are Hide & Seek Chocolate Crème Sandwiches Value For Money?)

It retails for Rs. 30.00 for a packet of 250 ml. If you haven’t had any experience of having a Paper Boat drink yet, and want to know what my experience was, read the detailed review below:


It was a blazing afternoon and I was feeling exhausted in immense sweat. It is then when I bought and tried this chilled Paper Boat Aam Panna drink. The first sip tasted all tangy and sweet. Or rather, to describe that feeling more precisely, it can be said that the spicy taste burst a bubble of tangy flavours inside my mouth. I was pretty much impressed!

That sip dragged me back to my childhood memories when I used to return from school or my playtime. That’s when my mother used to give this Raw Mango drink! The Raw Mango flavour pulls me to memories when we used to steal raw mangoes from the trees. To have it all raw and to have it with salt sprinkled all over it used to give us different chills altogether. The sour flavour of it still lingers fresh in my memories!

This drink is blended with all type of spices, sugar, and water amongst others, and is one such beverage which will refresh all your childhood memories.


The packaging game of Paper Boat is simply amazing! It does not use the usual plastic bottles but in a sturdy matte packaging. It has one-of-its-kind packaging and no other beverage brand, in my view, has indulged in such stupendous packaging. It comes with a seal-tight-cap, that is easy to open; having said that, it won’t leak too, so you can easily keep it in your bag. They definitely score extra points on their packaging!

Energy Drink Paper-Boat-Product-Review

Is Paper Boat Aam Panna Drink Value For Money?

I totally feel that Paper Boat Aam Panna drink is value for money, especially if you are away from your home and crave for such drinks! If so, you must surely try this one and I can vouch for it that you will simply love it! Also, if you looking to try something new this summer season, or if you are an ardent fan of such flavoured drinks; you should definitely try this!

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Overall, I’d really insist you try this drink at least for once. I feel everyone might just like it, and not just that, it will help you beat the summer heat too. And yeah, who does not want to take a trip to their childhood!

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