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Product Review for Amul Kool Koko

Amul Kool Koko Review

Amul happens to be the most popular dairy company in India. Its journey began from a small town, Anand, in Gujarat in the year 1946. The company started with only two village dairies and 247 litres of milk and now has dairy products used extensively nationwide.

The summer season is on our heads and the energy levels in this sweltering heat need constant charging. Since its summertime, I decided to review an Amul product which will help one and all to beat the summer heat, and here I am with the detailed review of Amul Kool Koko drink for you. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

Amul Kool Koko Product Review, Amul Cold Coco Price

Amul Kool Koko is one of the chocolate-flavored milk variants available in the market. With summers on its peak, you can any day use this drink to energise and refresh yourself.

This retails for Rs. 30/- for a tin-can, which contains 200ml of the product. You can easily get your hands on this product in any grocery store or a supermarket. Also, you can buy it online from Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Grofers, etc. Let’s get on the detailed review of this drink. Paper Boat Energy Drinks Review: Know More About Aamras, Jamun Kala Khatta, and Chilli Guava Flavours and Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane.

How does the Amul Kool Koko Taste?

Amul Kool Koko Drink Review

Amul Kool Koko is a very chocolaty drink. It totally satiates all the expectations that a consumer can have with it. It is pretty chocolaty and has a consistency like that of thin milk. It doesn’t have that consistency of a thick shake, and it is still fine. Amul has a strong reputation in the market and this drink definitely does justice to it.

How is the Packaging of Amul Kool Koko Drink?

Amul Kool Koko Drink Review

It comes in the packaging of a tin-can which comes really handy. It is very travel-friendly and doesn’t get messy until it is sealed (It doesn’t get messy even if you open it). Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk: Is it as flavourful as it claims to be, find out here.

Watch Amul Kool Koko Drink Video Review: Taste, Packaging, and Worth:

Is Amul Kool Koko Drink Value for Money?

It serves 200 ml for Rs. 30.00. I feel it is super affordable for the amount and quality it is serving at this price. I feel this is definitely a value for money product, especially when you are away from your home and want to grab on to some healthy and chilled beverage.

What Does Food KRITIK has to say about Amul Kool Koko Drink?

Amul Kool Koko Rating and Review

If you want to have rich quality chocolate-flavored milk with trusted quality like that of Amul, you can surely spend your money on this product, i.e. Amul Kool Koko Drink.

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