Tinku’s Cafe, Indore: Perfect Hangout Place To Enjoy Sandwiches and Shakes in The City

Tinku’s is a very popular food chain in Indore which specialises in Sandwiches and Shakes. It has a total of 4 outlets, which are situated at – City Center, Bhawar Kuan, Old Palasia and Vijay Nagar. I had recently visited the oldest and the most popular one that is situated at the City Center, Indore.

I have been to this place quite a lot of times with my friends. This place is usually crowded with college students and teenagers, as they serve amazing food items at really low prices! Also Read: Craving for a scrumptious Sandwich? Enjoy visiting this place to relish your cravings!

Now let’s get to the detailed review of Tinku’s: 

TInku's Pizza and Ice Cream Eatery, Indore


This place plates up for you a great variety of Sandwiches, Shakes, Coffee, Juices, Ice Creams etc. They have recently begun with a range of Maggi, Pasta & Fries as well.

TInku's Ice Cream and Shakes Centre, Indore

I have tried the Mexican Sandwich, Cheese Corn Sandwich, Masala Sandwich, Cold Coffee & Brownie Shake. Sandwiches here are supremely delicious; however, the Mexican Sandwich was too spicy! Only try eating it if you are a spicy food lover. And the Shakes and Coffees served, here, are one of the best beverages served in the city of Indore. You should really try them!

Tinku's Sandwich & Pizza Food Parlour, Indore
Mexican Sandwich & Brownie Shake


The pricing at Tinku’s is very affordable and it is really easy in one’s pockets. It will approximately cost you about Rs 200-300 for 2 persons.

Tinku's Pizza & Burger Food Joint, Indore
Masala Cheese Sandwich


The ambiance at Tinku’s is nice. Earlier, it didn’t have a proper place to sit here and have one’s meal peacefully; recently, they have come up with a proper place to sit, and now one can have their meals comfortably. As you can see in the pictures, the sitting arrangement is quite good at Tinku’s and the place has all youthful vibes to it; with peppy songs playing in the background, what else can one ask for?

TInku's Sandwich Centre, Indore
Tinku’s Cafe, Indore: Perfect Hangout Place To Enjoy Sandwiches and Shakes in The City!


It is a self-service system, here, at Tinku’s, where you order at the counter. You are then given a token and when it beeps, you have to yourself go to pick up your meal.

Tinku's Bhawarkua
Tinku’s City Center, Indore

One can visit this place with friends to enjoy some finger licking sandwiches and shakes at affordable rates. Overall it’s an amazing place to pay a visit with your friends. Also Read: If you are looking for a perfect dine-out experience, then head straight to this place. Don’t forget to check its review here!

Enjoy! And let me know if this review helped you. 🙂

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