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Act II Diet Popcorn Product Review: Is The Popcorn Brand’s Latest Offering A Healthy Snacking Option?

ACT II Popcorn Taste, Pricing

Act II, as we all know is a very popular brand of Popcorn. It founded its origins in North America in the year 1984. Act II Popcorn, as we call it, is manufactured by ConAgra Food. In more than 30 years since its inception, Act II Popcorn has become a leading Popcorn brand in India as well. Recently, it has launched Act II Diet Popcorn in India.

Popcorn is loved by one and all, be it of any age group. It has become a compulsory snacking option while we are out for watching movies. Different people love different flavours; some love to keep it plain and salted, whereas some of them like to have it in different flavours. The good thing is that Act II Popcorn also provides so many flavours to choose from.

It is good that people are adding whole grains in their snacking options. It will provide us with both nutrients and fibers. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

Act II Diet Popcorn Product Review

Act II Popcorn Brand Details:

Act II Popcorn serves us one of the best instant snacking options as it is prepared in just 3 minutes. Latching onto the recent trend of adding nutritious substances in its ingredients, they have launched a couple of variants of late. Keeping the consumers’ health as a priority, the brand has introduced two new Diet Popcorn flavours. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk: Is It As Flavourful As It Claims To Be, Find Out Here!

One of them is made in Olive Oil, whereas the other one has less Salt. This was something very new which caught my eyes in the market. Snacking options such as these are a rarity in today’s instant-food (snacks) market, in comparison to the fried and baked Chips that are available.

Act II Diet Popcorn is not easily available in the market yet, but I guess you will be able to find it online or at some of the leading Mega Marts in India. With all said and done, let’s go to the review, right away:

How does Act II Diet Popcorn Tastes?

These Popcorn variants haven’t been advertised (marketed) well in the market as yet. There are 2 types of Act II Diet Pop Corn available in selected stores (as of now); as mentioned above, one has less salt while the other flavour has less Oil. Both, Salt and Oil play a significant role in maintaining our health.

Act II Diet Popcorn taste pretty fine. I meant that they are not really much flavourful, but then that is what is the aim of the product is. It is made to satiate your craving for Popcorn while not causing much harm to your diet.

ACT II Popcorn Taste, Pricing, Packaging Product Review

How is the Packaging of Act II Diet Popcorn?

Just like the brand’s all other packaging stuff, Act II Diet Popcorn comes in a tightly sealed plastic packet too. Its portable-sealed-packaging allows us to carry the packet without any hassles. Its preparation is not complicated either. All you need to do is, you just have to open the packet and empty the contents into a pan directly!

Is Act II Diet Popcorn Value For Money?

It serves 70 grams for Rs. 35.00. Currently, the company is selling the Act II Popcorn at its introductory price of Rs. 30. I strongly feel that it is not too affordable for the quantity that it is serving at this price. Having said that, one cannot deny that it is a lot cheaper than other substitutes we find in the market; while healthy ingredients become an added benefit. You can also try making this amazing Paneer Bread Sticks.

Food KRITIK Rating:

One can definitely give Act II Diet Popcorn a try if they are a Popcorn lover, and do not want to sacrifice on their diet. If anyone wants to enjoy Popcorn for its taste and flavor of it, then this product is not for them.

Act II Diet Popcorn Rating

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