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Nescafe Intense Cafe Coffee Review: Is This Nestle Cold Coffee Worth A Buy?

Cold Coffee By Nestle, Intense cafe review

Nescafe Intense Café Coffee Review: The brand, Nescafe doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a very popular coffee brand owned by Nestle. I am sure you must have had a nice cup of hot Nescafe Coffee all snuggled-up in your bed during the monsoon and winter season. It has always been a delight to savour a cup of coffee of this brand. And now, Nescafe has come up with ‘Cold Coffee’ in 3 variants: Intense Cafe, Hazelnut and Chilled Latte. These launches will refresh you on a hot summer day when you will too lazy to whip up a cup of cold Coffee. And today, we will be reviewing Nescafe Intense Cafe Coffee for you.

I prefer cold Coffee over hot Coffee, and hence I was really excited to try this Nescafe’s new coffee flavour. Also, I was a bit sceptical to try Nescafe Intense Café Coffee flavour, as I am very particular about my coffee’s taste. As I wasn’t sure of how this might taste, I still gave it a try and see if it could make a good impression. Also Read: Product Review for Amul Kool Koko

Nescafe Cold Coffee retails for Rs. 35/- for 180 ml. It tastes best when you serve it cold/chilled. Also, you need to shake it well before consuming it. If you want to know what was my experience when I tried this coffee for the first time, then read the detailed review about its price, packaging, taste, etc. below:

What is the taste of Nescafe Intense Café Coffee?

Cold Coffee By Nestle, Intense cafe review

Like I mentioned, it was really sceptical about giving this Coffee a try, because it’s rare that a coffee product fits my taste buds perfectly. Nonetheless, I gave this one a try and to my surprise, it suited my taste buds 100%. It gave me a shot of freshness instantly.

It tastes mildly sweet and creamy. Also it is not very thick in consistency. I loved it much and couldn’t stop myself before completing the pack. Quick Read: Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk; Is it as flavourful as it claims to be, find out here

How is the packaging of Nescafe Intense Café Coffee?

 Cold Coffee By Nestle, Intense cafe review

This coffee comes in a tetrapack packaging. It’s absolutely fuss-free and comes is non-messy packing. It comes along with a straw. Also, it is perfect to travel with.

Is Nescafe Intense Café Coffee Value for Money?

I find this Nescafe’s latest offering worth the money, if you are craving for a nice Cold Coffee and you are not at home, or away somewhere. It isn’t a bad deal in Rs. 35. Quick Review : Amul Premium Chocolate Cookies Review: Are These Dark Chocolate Choco Chip Biscuits Worth The Money?

What does Food KRITIK rating has to say about Nescafe Intense Café Coffee?

Nescafe Intense Cafe Coffee is a really nice product. You should give it a shot if you like your Coffee to be a blend of mildly creamy, sweetness and not too thick. This coffee isn’t meant for someone who likes strong/intense or a bitter-flavoured Coffee.

This can help you chill on a hectic day.

Cold Coffee By Nestle, Intense cafe review

I hope you loved my video review and found it resourceful. I really liked this Cold Coffee and would suggest you buy it too. However, if you have any queries in context of this product or any other food products, connect with me on my social media handles given below. Till then, Happy Eating!

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