Ovenly Review: Read More About The Food, Price, and Ambience of This Newly Opened Cafe-Cum-Bakery In Indore; Don’t Forget To Ask For Churros!


Ovenly Cafe is the new talk of the town. This one-month-old Cafe has made a lot of buzz amongst youngsters for its fresh-new-feels and exquisite food. It is located at the prime location of Indore, at Sathya Sai Square. The Cafe is an initiative of the very famous bakery in town – Khurana’s. It has some unique feels to it which attracts you. Ovenly is a cafe-cum-bakery with some super amazing Bakes available.


I had asked you people on my Instagram handle (@flavourstosavour) if you all want me to review this place or not. Since so many of you wanted me to review this place, here’s my review for it. Let us get started with the detailed review of Ovenly (Indore):


The food they serve, here at Ovenly, is finger-licking good. They specialise in serving some scrumptious dishes like Churros, Charcoal Burger, Breadizza and so much more. Their menu includes some familiar dishes with some new twists. I found their menu quite interesting.


Charcoal Cheesy Burger: I tried their Cheesy Charcoal burger, and it was terrific. I loved how they gave the twist to the usual burger. Though, Charcoal did not have any prominent flavour in it. The Burger loaf was fresh and was filled with loads of Cheese. Just My Bakes Cafe Review Ratings: Know About Its Food, Price, Ambience, and Service of This Cool Hangout Place in Indore.

Peri Peri Breadizza: As the name suggests, it was a Pizza made on a Bread Loaf. And since it was Peri Peri flavour, it was too spicy. The Pizza topping was topped on long Bread Loaf. But as I am not a spicy-food lover, I did not like it much. Someone who loves to eat spicy food might enjoy it much. However, it was really filling!


Chilly Paneer Roller: Of everything I tried at Ovenly, I loved this one more. It was a quick-buy and the last piece left with them. Since I was super hungry while returning from office, I grabbed on this because I wanted something swift. It was fresh, and the Chilly Paneer’s stuffing in the Roll was not at all spicy. It tasted perfect!


Hazelnut Frappe: I loved it, as I am both a Coffee lover and a Hazelnut fan. And it complemented all the other dishes really well. The Castle Cafe and Dine: Read Review of This Fine Dining Restaurant in Indore.


Churros: It is a Spanish dessert and entirely new, not just in Indore but I guess, overall in India. The food item is really yummy and what better can it be, if it is served with some hot chocolate sauce along with it. There are three options to choose from, i.e. Chocolate, Caramel, and Hazelnut.


Rocher Torture, Chocolate Truffle Pastry & Chocolate Pastry were few desserts which I tried there, of which I loved Chocolate Truffle Pastry the most as it was so chocolaty and me being the chocolate fan I am, this pastry had my heart.

My recommendation for you to try here would be its Charcoal Burger, Chilli Paneer Roller & its Cafe Frappe. Do try its bakery products too!


Ovenly does not fall in the very affordable category, but it isn’t too expensive either. It costs one, somewhere around Rs.500/- or less, for two people. But then I believe, it is worth every penny you spend.



The place has a nice ambience, but it isn’t too spacious. I feel it is more of a takeaway place as it doesn’t have much place to sit. It has just 3-4 tables where not a significant group of people can be accommodated. Also, one has to go downstairs to order. I suggest they should at least give Menus to people seating upstairs. Apart from this, it has good seating, with a beautiful and calm ambience.



Service here is fine. They don’t take much of your time in serving your order, and it is really cool for a cafe-cum-bakery sort of place.


Overall it’s a lovely place to visit with your friends. One can visit this place for some scrumptious and unique delicacies at reasonable (read: not so high) prices. Veg Bites Review: Know More About The Food, Price, and Service of This Newly-Opened Popular Restaurant Here!

Let me know if this review helped you. 🙂 Enjoy!

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