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Know How To Boil Potatoes Perfectly At Home? Read These Easy Steps To Find Out!


Potatoes are one of the most staple vegetables used worldwide, all around the year. They are cheap to grow as compared to the other vegetables and loved by one & all. They are also rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and minerals. They are used in various forms like Appetisers, Soups, Main Course, Desserts and what not. It can be baked, fried, boiled, roasted and still taste equally flavourful. On one hand, where Potatoes are known to have Carbs and cause a person to obese, on the other hand, it is also made a part of the Keto Diet which helps to lose weight drastically. (Also Read: Green Chutney Recipe: Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare Mint Coriander Chutney Easily)

Mostly, we use Potatoes in their boiled form. And boiling them is not something really difficult. But it is also very important to know how to boil potatoes at home. And trust me it is no difficult task and can be done very quickly. If you want to know how to boil Potatoes perfectly then please keep on reading:

Level of Cooking: Easy


  1. Potatoes – 3 or 4 (or as per your requirement)
  2. Water (to boil) – Enough to immerse all the Potatoes in it


  1. Add Potatoes & Water into a pressure cooker.
  2. Closed the lid of the pressure cooker.
  3. Let the Potatoes cook till single whistle from the pressure cooker.
  4. Switch off the flame then.
  5. Let Potatoes rest till all the pressure of Pressure Cooker is released.
  6. Once all the pressure is released, open the lid and take out all the Potatoes.
  7. Your boiled Potatoes are ready.

Chef’s Tip:

  1. Add a pinch of Salt to the Water; it will help you peel the skin off the boiled potato easily.
  2. You can poke the Potato with a fork or a knife, by a bit, to know if they have been boiled properly or not. If not, read on below:

How to Check if Potatoes are Boiled?

Try peeling the peel (brown skin) of the Potatoes. If it gets peeled off easily then the Potatoes are well boiled, else you need to boil them in the Pressure Cooker for some more time.


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