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How To Prepare Curd At Home? Learn 5 Simple Steps To Make Homemade Dahi

Curd Making Tips

It’s summers and one thing that we all crave for in this season is, Curd – also popularly known as ‘Dahi’ in Indian households. Wondering how to prepare this simple but vital ingredient at home? Is the lockdown denying you to prepare delicious recipes? Well, no more. We, at Flavours To Savour, bring you a simple 5-step recipe to prepare yummy Curd at home, all by yourself. You will need no fancy ingredients, tools, or utensils to prepare it. Quick Recipe: Curd Rice – Taste This Amazing Homemade Simple-yet-Flavourful Dish

Curd is one of those basic ingredients with which you can prepare a lot of other food items like Raita, Lassi, Curry, and also combine it to prepare Salads, Kebabs, Gravys, and Desserts as well. One can also have a bowl of plain Curd – it is as delicious and healthy too. Cooking Basic: How To Make Hung Curd? Learn Easy Steps To Prepare It At Home

It is no rocket science to know how to prepare it. However, a lot of people fail to make it as it has to be. Do try this easy cooking basic and tell me how it turned out to be. Now let’s get started with the recipe. Top Recipes For Quarantine Season: Try These Amazing Quick Recipes At Home This Summers

  • Cook Time: 5 minutes
  • Wait Time: 4 hours (Summers), 6-8 hours (Winters)
  • Level of Cooking: Easy
  1. Milk – 1 Litre
  2. Curd – 1 Tablespoon (thick, not liquidy)
  1. Heat the milk to a very lukewarm temperature.
  2. Switch off the flame.
  3. Add curd to the milk, and give it a nice mix.
  4. Cover the Milk container with a lid and wait for it overnight
  5. Your Curd will be ready the next morning! Enjoy!
Chef’s Tip:
  • You can vary the temperature of milk depending on the weather. Heat it a bit more in the cooler weather.
  • If you increase the amount of curd, the taste of the outcome will be sour.

If you still have any queries regarding this cooking basic, do let me know in the comments section below. You can connect with on my social media channels for the latest updates and find new recipes.

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