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Bauli Moonfils Product Review: Know All About This Croissant-Like Chocolaty Dessert-Cum-Snack

Chocolate Dessert-Cum-Snack

Bauli is a new brand in India which serves a range of Italian desserts in India. The brand serves desserts in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. Recently, while I went shopping, I came across this brand for the first time. The product and its packaging did intrigue me, and I thought to give it a taste and review it for you all.

Hence, today I am going to review Bauli Moonfils. A single packet of ‘Moonfils’ retails for Rs. 15/- and serves 42g of product. You can get your hands on this product in a supermarket or even buy it online from Amazon, Flipkart or Big Basket. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Here’s where you can buy it online.

It claims to be a very soft and puffy roll filled with chocolate cream inside it. The pack shows a picture of a luscious Croissant dripping chocolate from its centre. Let’s see what the product had to offer and here’s the detailed review:

Bauli Moonfils Chocolate Dessert-Cum-Snack

How does the Bauli’s Moonfils taste?

As mentioned above, it actually looks like a croissant dripping chocolate from inside. When I opened the packet, it looked the same as a croissant but was very soft. I divided it into half to check it from the centre. There was a very thin layer of chocolate in very less quantity. It was flaky, very soft and a little sweet. It had a bit of fruity flavour to it too. The taste of the product was fine, not too great. And this is a unique dessert snack available in the market.

How is the packaging of Bauli’s Moonfils?

The packaging of Bauli’s Moonfils is not extraordinary. It is packed in a normal plastic-like sealing just like any other snacks and chips. The packaging is safe, however, it is not as attractive as it first caught the eye. (Also read: Product Review for Amul Kool Koko)

Chocolate Snack Product Review

Is Bauli’s Moonfils value for money?

Considering the fact that it retails for Rs. 15/- only, and it is a very unique addition in the Indian market, it is definitely value for money and should be tried at least once. However, if you are someone who loves desserts, and are only tempted by packaging, then you can definitely miss this product because I found it to be disorienting and a bit unusual – something not very croissant-like. (Also read: Paper Boat Energy Drinks Review: Know More About Aamras, Jamun Kala Khatta, and Chilli Guava Flavours and Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane)

What does the Food KRITIK have to say about Bauli’s Moonfils?

Bauli Moonfils Chocolate Snack Product Review

The product is very unique in the Indian market. It has that ‘Made in India’ feels to it. You know you are having a croissant, but the nature and taste of the product is very Indian market-centric. It tastes good, it is economical, it has different flavours available (in both veg and non-veg variants) – overall it is a worthy product to munch on, but nothing like something that you can’t skip out on.

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