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Are Too Yumm! Foxnuts Healthy? Know About Different Flavours, Price, and If This Guilt-Free Snack Is Value for Money!

Too Yumm FoxNuts Review

Too Yumm! is a newly launched brand in India with the tagline ‘Eat Lot, Fikar Not!’ and Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador. As the brand claims, these snacks are ‘guilt-free’ and would help you in keeping you fit and not starving you of those yummy snacks that you crave for! They also claim that all of their products are roasted or baked, but not fried.

Too Yumm’s mission is to bring everyone the tastiest and healthiest guilt-free snack. With Virat Kohli (who follows strong fitness habits) as their health ambassador, the company has aimed to promote these low-calorie snacks as diet-friendly and tasty at the same time – Anytime, Anywhere, As Much! Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

Too Yumm FoxNuts PReview

I had my eyes on the latest Too Yumm offering, i.e. Foxnuts, and have been trying their different flavours for a while now. It retails for Rs. 20.00 (for 23g of product) in the Indian market and is readily available in all the grocery stores, supermarkets, and online stores. Let’s get to its full review straightaway.

How do Too Yumm Foxynuts Taste?

I have already reviewed their Minty Pudina Wheat Thins and Too Yumm Veggie Stix on my blog earlier. If you haven’t visited the link yet, you can check them here. I am delighted with the Too Yumm Veggie Stix’s flavours. And this time too, Too Yumm has not disappointed me with its variants.

I have tried six of their Too Yumm Veggie Stix’s flavours, and I loved two of them the most. They are in every sense ‘Too Yumm’. Each flavour has its essence and tastes delicious.

Here Is a Detailed Taste Review of Each Flavour:

Plain Homestyle Foxnuts: These are the plain home-style Makhana roasted in a bit of salt and black pepper. I am not that big fan of the original Makhanas taste, so I didn’t like these much. But for someone who is a fan of Foxnuts, and wants to have it plain – without many flavours – should try this variant.

Chatpata Masala Foxnuts: I loved this flavour the most. As the name suggests, it was all chatpata, and I could relate to it so much with the Lays Indian-flavoured chips. You should try this one from this range.

Tandoori Masala Foxnuts: This was quite a lot similar to the Chatpata Masala Foxnuts, still tasted a bit different. It had a bit of Tandoori-feels to it too. I found them okayish though not too good, and not too bad.

Too Yumm FoxNuts PReview

Spanish Tomato Foxnuts: This Too Yum flavour was very tomato-ish and sweet. Someone who enjoys having the Tomato flavour would surely love this variant.

Chilli Cheese Foxnuts: This flavour tasted quite cheesy and was a little spicy too. Any cheese-loving individual would love to drool over it!

Pizza Foxnuts: And this flavour happens to be one of my favourite flavours too. They had a bit of everything – cheesy, tangy, a little sweetness – and a touch of Italian flavours too. It seems to be the best combo of all. I loved the blend of all these flavours and would recommend you guys to try it without failing.

Overall, I liked all of the flavours on offer in the Too Yumm Foxnuts range. However, the two flavours – Chatpata and Pizza – are two of my most-loved flavoured Foxnuts’ variants. Product Review For Premium American Style Cookies by Parle: Here’s More About Hide & Seek’s Latest Cashew and Butter Variant’s Taste, Packaging and Price.

Too Yumm FoxNuts PReview

Are Too Yumm Foxnuts Healthy?

Talking about its health quotient, Too Yumm claims that it has protein goodness and natural antioxidants in them. Also, it is said to have been air-popped. We all know how good Fox Nuts are for our health in reality. They are gluten-free and help us manage our cholesterol and blood pressure.

Fox Nuts are very good for diabetic people and also have anti-ageing enzymes in them. So when you get so much of the healthy nutrients wrapped coupled with the delicious flavours, who would want to say no to it?

How is the Packaging of Too Yumm FoxyNuts?

It has the standard packaging as that of any chips packet though each of their variants has a colour coded packaging depending on its flavour.

Too Yumm FoxNuts Flavours

Are Too Yumm FoxNuts value for money?

I feel this – Too Yumm FoxyNuts – the range is value for money for the product they serve at the price of Rs. 20. They are priced a bit higher from their Veggie Stix’s range, but then it has to be that way if they are providing us such a healthy snack in the form of flavoured Fox Nuts. Pillsbury Cookie Cake Product Review: Know About This More-Than-A-Cookie and Less-Than-A Cake Special Chocolate Variant in the Market.

I feel one should give Too Yumm Foxy Nuts range a try. It is lip-smacking good, and one must not miss out on it. You can easily incorporate them into your daily schedule. Whenever you are hungry and eyeing to gulp some junk food down your throat, you can savour these, which will also help you to maintain your health. Happy Snacking!


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