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Parle Garlic Bread Toast Product Review: Know More About Price, Packaging, Price, And If Its Value For Money


After its inception in 1929, Parle has now become the leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery in India. As the makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit Parle-G, and a host of other very popular brands, the Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and superior taste.

Over the years, the brand delivered both health and taste with value-for-money pricing that allows people from all walks of life, across age groups, to enjoy a variety of Parle products.

With the brand being able to reach the remotest villages of India and other major cities across the world, the Parle brand has become synonymous with trust across the world. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

Parle Garlic-Bread-Toast-Product-Review

I recently came across its recent launch, i.e. Garlic Bread Toast, and being a huge Garlic Bread lover that I am, found the product unique and wanted to try it right away. A free packet of Knorr Soup came along with it. I really liked the whole concept and was super excited to try it.

What I thought of it was for it to have some Chilli Flakes or Garlic Flakes on top of the bread, and was curious to know how it would actually turn out. The concept was something new and I felt would have become really popular amongst everyone, who loved having sides with Soup. Are Hide & Seek Chocolate Crème Sandwiches Value For Money?


It retails for Rs. 30 for 100 grams of product (15-20 pieces) of rusk toasts. It is not easily available in the market yet (as it’s a new launch), but I guess you can find it online or at some of India’s leading mega-marts. Now let’s head straight to the review:

How Does Parle Garlic Bread Toast Taste? 

Like I mentioned above, I was really expecting a lot from this product and was super excited to try it. But to my dismay, it didn’t turn out that well. The toast was just like any other ‘rusk toast’ but with a bit of garlic flavour in it. I am not a fan of rusk toast, but for someone who is, can definitely give this flavoured rusk toast a try.

Parle Garlic-Bread-Toast-Product-Review

How Is The Packaging Of Parle Garlic Bread Toast?

The rusk toasts are arranged in a plastic tray, which was packed in a normal colourful package, as you can see in the image.

Is Parle Garlic Bread Toast Value For Money?

It serves 100 grams for Rs. 30.00. Its competitors offer you double the quantity than what Parle offers, that too in the same price range, i.e. 200 grams of rusk for Rs. 30. The brand has taken complete advantage of the missing players in this category (of offering flavoured rusk toasts) by keeping the price almost double than its contemporaries, which seems largely unfair to me. Which One Is Better, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy or Parle Milano? Read Detailed Product Review of These Chocolate Sauce-Filled Cookies Here!

However, given the quality Parle has delivered always, one can give it a try if you are a ‘rusk toast’ person.

Parle Garlic-Bread-Toast-Product-Review

What Does Food Kritik Have To Say About Parle Garlic Toast?

If you love rusk toasts a lot, then you should definitely give this a shot; otherwise, it can be definitely missed. Considering that I am not a fan of this food item at all, I would rather give this product a miss!




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