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Nescafe Chilled Latte Review: Is This Nestle Cold Coffee Worth Your Money?

Nestle Cold Coffee Review

Nescafe Chilled Latte Review: Nescafe, a popular coffee brand by Nestle, is a household name in India. And we all have had Nescafe coffee since our childhood. It’s quite remarkable how Nescafe has held the top position in the coffee segment for the last few decades. Keeping up with its image of being the market leader, Nescafe had launched new products – Cold Coffees – in different flavours recently.

Nestle introduced Nescafe Cold Coffee in 3 flavours: Intense Cafe, Hazelnut and Chilled Latte. Over time, these ready-to-drink coffees have gained popularity among the masses. Well, who doesn’t love to have Cold Coffee, and that too, when it’s a Nescafe product? Well, here’s a detailed review of Nescafe Chilled Latte for you, where I’ll be telling you about its taste, packaging, price, and if it’s worth your buy! Also Read: Nescafe Hazelnut Coffee: Is Nestle’s New Cold Coffee Tasty?

Is Nescafe Chilled Latte worth

I am a person who loves Cold coffee more than hot coffee. But then, I hadn’t tasted the Latte-variant before. So, this made me more excited to try Nescafe Chilled Latte. It retails for Rs. 35/- for 180 ml of Coffee. Not to forget, it tastes best when chilled, and when you shake it well before unpacking it. Here’s all you need to know about Nescafe Intense Chilled Latte and how my experience was when I first had it.

Is Nescafe Chilled Latte Tasty?

As I said, I hadn’t tasted the Latte before, I was a bit sceptic to taste this flavour. However, to my surprise, this flavour turned out to be too amazing for me. It felt like a dash of freshness with its first sip.

Nescafe Chilled Latte Taste Test

This Nescafe variant is little sweet and tastes mild and creamy. Also, the consistency is not too thick. It had a slight Vanilla flavouring, which made it tastier. I loved this Latte and had it one go! Quick Read: Nescafe Intense Cafe Coffee Review: Is This Nestle Cold Coffee Worth A Buy?

How is the packaging of Nescafe Coffee?

Nestle Instant Cold Coffee

This Nescafe Cold Coffee variant comes in a tetra pack. It is fuss-free, non-messy, and can be carried along well while travelling. It comes along with an attached straw, which complements its aesthetic packaging.

Is Nescafe Chilled Latte Value for Money?

This ready-to-drink Coffee by Nescafe is worth the money. If you are thinking to have a great beverage and you are out of your house, then this Nescafe variant is good at Rs. 35/-. Also Read: Paper Boat Energy Drinks Review.

Food KRITIK Rating:

Nestle Chilled Latte Flavour

In my experience, Nescafe Chilled Latte is an amazing beverage. You should definitely give it a shot if you like your Coffee to be mild, creamy, sweet and not too thick. This Cold Coffee isn’t meant for someone who likes strong, intense or bitter Coffee. However, this can be your best bet to help you chill on a hectic day.

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