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Are Hide & Seek Chocolate Crème Sandwiches Value For Money?

Hide & Seek Choco-Chip Creme Sandwiches

Hide & Seek as we all know is one-of-its-kind Chocó chip cookies, which were launched in 1996. And since then, it is loved by all the age groups. It is one of the most popular Parle brands. And this brand definitely needs no introduction.

Hide & Seek has recently launched one of its new variant – Hide & Seek Choco-Chip Crème Sandwiches. I was quite curious to have it since its launch. And this past weekend, I eventually got hold of one packet of Choco-Chip biscuits. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Click here to buy it online.

Hide & Seek Choco-chip Creme Biscuits Review

It retails for Rs.25 in the Indian market and is easily available in all the Super Markets and Online Stores. The newest offering by Parle weighs 100 grams approximately. Let’s get to its detailed review straight:


Hide & Seek has always been an all-time favourite Choco chip cookies for people across their age groups, no matter what. It has always been my go-to cookies too, whenever I am craving chocolate cookies. Their Hide & Seek Chocolate Crème Sandwich is basically a sandwich of the usual Hide & Seek Cookies with a layer of flavoured chocolate between the two. It amazingly tastes nice!

In this form, the original Hide & Seek biscuits are losing their original essence. Nevertheless, it is something new and unique; should give it a definite try. The chocolate cream between the layers isn’t the usual plain chocolate cream like other biscuits have; but, it actually has a slightly Fruity and Vanilla flavour to it. You can surely give it a try but I did not like it as much as I like the original Hide & Seek cookies.

Hide & Seek Chocolate Creme Sandwiches


The Hide & Seek Crème Sandwich packets are not made of the usual plastic, but the one that we get in snacks’ packaging. The biscuits are packaged in a matte-yet-shiny plastic packaging.

When we open the cookies’ packet, we see a brown sturdy tray with biscuits stacked in a row inside the tray. Their packaging game is better then what it was in case of their original Hide & Seek cookies.

Is Hide & Seek Choco Chip Crème Sandwiches, Value for Money?

Not really. It is not too good to be a value for money product. I mean, you get just 8 biscuits for Rs 25; which definitely is not good enough. I mean you can have any other Choco Cream biscuits instead of this, which will be quite economical than this. (Also Read: Is Too Yumm Minty Pudina Wheat Thins Actually A Healthy Snack?)

Product Review of Hide & Seek Chocolate Creme Biscuits

Food KRITIK Verdict:

One can give this a try if they are an ardent fan of Hide & Seek Cookies or Chocolate Cream biscuits, or someone who wants to try something new in this range!

Hide & Seek Chocolate Creme Biscuits Ratings

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