Review of Kebabsville, Indore: My Experience at Punjabi Food Festival at Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Kebabsville Reveiw, Indore

Kebabsville is one of the popular fine dining places in Indore. It is situated in Scheme No. 54, Vijay Nagar and is a part of the Sayaji Hotels, Indore. It is one of those high-end dining restaurants where you can enjoy your dinner poolside with its mesmerising ambience. It usually has a rush during weekends and you might have to wait if you haven’t done your bookings already!

Recently, it was having its ‘Punjabi Food Festival’ running from May 2, 2018, to May 13, 2018. I just planned to visit this place with my Mom as we both love Punjabi cuisine to the core! Here, I share my experience at this Food Festival. Also, I would like to mention that there were lot many Non-Vegetarian delicacies present too. Since I am a Vegetarian person, I’d be discussing the Vegetarian food items only. So let us get started with the detailed review of Kebabsville:


So, since it was a Punjabi Food Festival, I was really expecting the entire menu to be filled with Punjabi dishes only, but then there were other varieties available too, other than just the Punjabi ones. This was both a turn-off and turn-on at the same time. A turn-off because it had to have the Punjabi food only, but I was quite delighted, as we were able to have the best of both the worlds!

Here is a Look at the Menu Cards that was served:

Kebabsville Review, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

We started our supper with a wide range of Starters they had. All of the Starters were fine but I really liked the Paneer Tikka and Crispy Corn.

Paneer Tikka was all about Marinated flavours; in addition to it, Kebabsville has this very cool facility of heating the Kebabs and Tikkas live (a Barbeque sort of). Therefore, it was supremely amazing to have hot Paneer Tikka paired with spicy-yet-tangy Mint Pudina Chutney.

Crispy Corn was very simple-yet-delighting, as it was tossed in Salt & Pepper. It had mild flavours that made me like it more.

Kebabsville Review, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Then, it was show time, the time to have the Main course! Firstly, we went for their Punjabi Special Menu and eventually tried Amritsari Kulcha & Chole Masala. Trust me guys it was one hell of a thing. The Kulcha was roasted well inside a Tandoor and then crushed well and dipped in loads of Butter. The Chole were sooo yummylicious as they were perfectly simmered with loads of Spices and topped with raw sliced of Onions and fresh Coriander.

Together, it had a burst of flavours in my mouth; I simply loved it! It pulled me back to those Dhabas in Amritsar, where one could get similar tasty treats. I would definitely recommend one to try it. (Also Read: Frieto Cafe Review: Paris-Themed Based Rooftop Restaurant in Indore)

Punjabi Food Festival, Review, Kebabsville Review, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Apart from this, we also tried other dishes from the Main Course; here, I would recommend you to try the Paneer Bhurji, Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani and the variety of Bread on offer, of course.

A meal can never be over without savouring the Desserts in the end. And for me, there’s no variety Dessert which I don’t like; however, there are some which have touched my heart! At Kebabsville, I loved the Rabdi with Crispy Hot Jalebis. (Also Read: Chill Baby Restaurant Review: Check out This Rajasthani-Themed Chinese Restaurant in Indore)

I would also like to put a special mention to an array of Ice Cream available at this place. It is one-of-its-kind and you won’t find such Ice creams anywhere in the city; a must-try I must admit!


Kebabsville is one of the expensive dining places in Indore and it costs you approximately Rs. 1,000 per person, including all taxes (for Veg Meals); and approximately Rs. 1,100 per person including all taxes (for Non-Veg Meals).

It offers you a buffet dining. One can avail corporate discounts or membership discounts usually, but during such Food Festivals, one cannot avail to such discounts.

Kebabsville Review, Sayaji Hotel, Indore


The ambience at Kebabsville is simply mesmerising. This is a dim-lit place with a poolside ambience. Also, it is not covered completely; therefore, it is surrounded by nature and the cool air in the surroundings just breathes a fresh life in the atmosphere!

During the course of our meals, we were also a spectacle to ‘Punjabi Folk Dances’, being performed around the dining area, given the fact that it was the Punjabi Food Festival. Also, not to forget the dress code of the waiters; they were all dressed up in Punjabi outfits gave us the feel of Punjab!


Service, here, is commendable. The waiters and the management are really attentive towards the guests and are present around all the time. I really liked the hospitality shown at Kebabsville.

Kebabsville Review, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Overall, you should definitely give this place a try and especially when such food festivals are going on so that one can get to taste different cuisines and their specialities.

One can visit this place if they want a rich experience of fine dining and do not mind bearing heavy costs on their pockets once in a while.

Let me know if this review helped you. 🙂

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