Review of Urban Desi Bistro, Indore: Celebrate the Love of Food at This Newly-Opened Delhi-Based Quick Serve Restaurant

Urban Desi Bistro is a new food outlet in the town which brings you the authentic flavours of Delhi in Indore. This place is divided into two sections: Urban Desi Bistro which is a Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR), and 34 Chowringhee Lane which is already a very popular food-chain in Delhi, with over 30+ outlets in the NCR region itself. This place is located at the One Center, Chappan Dukaan, at Palasia.


A Bistro means a small and inexpensive restaurant. The outlet aims to serve superior, scrumptious and mouth-watering food at affordable rates. The quality of the food is equivalent to the food that you would get in any expensive fine dining restaurant. Ovenly Review: Read More About The Food, Price, and Ambience of This Newly Opened Cafe-Cum-Bakery In Indore; Don’t Forget To Ask For Churros!

It serves you a variety of food items, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The theme of the food-joint is to celebrate the love of food with all the Foodies in Indore. #LiveToEat. Now, let’s just move to the detailed review straight away!



They serve you delectable and flavourful North Indian food items as starters – Kebaabs, Gravies, Biryanis & not to forget the scrumptious 34 Chowringhe Lane’s Rolls. The Rolls will be prepared at the live counter, so that you can actually see how your Rolls are getting prepared in front of you!

On my recent visit, I had tried their Paneer Roll, Soya Chaap Roll, Veg Seekh Kebaab, Paneer Tikka, Dahi Ke Sholey, Tandoori Stuffed Aloo and Stuffed Soya Chaap. Trust me, all of the dishes reminded me of Delhi so much. Just My Bakes Cafe Review Ratings: Know About Its Food, Price, Ambience, and Service of This Cool Hangout Place in Indore.


The Rolls were made with the crispy Maida Rotis. The Paneer Roll was stuffed with flavoured Onions, Veggies & chunks of Soft Paneer. But for me, the game changer was the Malai Soya Roll. This roll was stuffed with cream-coated juicy chunks of Soya, spicy Onions & other Veggies. I am not a fan of Soya, but to my surprise, I loved this roll more than the Paneer Roll!


Then came the starters. Veg Seekh Kebaab was served in a cylindrical shape. And this one blew my mind away. It was filled with so many flavours like Pepper, Spicy Garlic, Ginger and what not! This dish was comparatively on a spicier side and would be loved by any spicy food lover.


The Paneer Tikka was its usual self with a coating of a flavourful gravy and smoked Paneer on Tandoor. Tandoori Stuffed Aaloo saw Potato being stuffed in its hollowness, with a mixture of spices and finely chopped veggies. The Potato was then covered with the Gravy and roasted on a Tandoor. The coating of the Gravy and the stuffing was perfectly balanced with the mild taste of Potato.


Dahi Ke Sholey was a type of Bread Kebaabs engulfed in flavoured hung curd. They were more on a sweeter side and would be loved by those who have a sweet tooth. And last but definitely not the least, came the Stuffed Soya Chaap. The preparation was similar to Stuffed Tandoori Aaloo. But to my astonishment, I liked Soya Chaap more than the Tandoori Stuffed Aaloo. They were stuffed as small bites which were easy as pick up snacks!

I am looking forward to try their Main Course dishes. My recommendations for now would be the Malai Soya Roll & Veg Seekh Kebaab. You would not to miss out on them. Veg Bites Review: Know More About The Food, Price, and Service of This Newly-Opened Popular Restaurant Here!

Urban Desi Bistro aims at serving food at modest rates and I feel they are quite there. Their food is totally value for money, for the kind of taste and quality they serve. It will cost you Rs 400 for 2 people approximately.



The ambience at Urban Desi Bistro is calm and nice. It is perfect for a family or friends get-together. It has a yellow-lit décor with Edison bulbs hanging above that gives you good feels while you are at the restaurant.


Urban Desi Bistro’s service seemed nice. They laid emphasis on great food and prompt service.


Quick Bites:

Personalised combos, additions to Al-carte, and other new items are soon to be added in their menu. Also, few of their combos will be served in only 3-minutes! Keep an eye on it as and when you visit Urban Desi Bistro next time.

Overall, it is a really nice place to visit; especially, for all those who miss the flavours of Delhi in Indore. It will be your go-to outlet. I being a North Indian food lover, myself, loved this place and I look forward to visit this place frequently with my friends & family!

Enjoy. Do let me know if this review helped you!

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