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Top Recipes For Quarantine Season: Try These Amazing Quick Recipes At Home This Summers

Best Recipes March 2020 During Coronavirus Season

Coronavirus – a word we have heard a lot recently, and something we will be hearing a lot in the upcoming summer season, which is mostly going to be spent in self-quarantine. They say social distancing and self-isolation are some of the best precautions one can take during these trying times. But, why so much emphasis on COVID-19 and self-quarantine? Well, you will be getting a lot of time to spend with yourself and your family. So why not try preparing these amazing recipes for quarantine season? You can also surprise them with your culinary skills and delight them making these amazing summer recipes! Here at ‘Flavours To Savour’, we present you the yummiest recipes for quarantine season which are our top 5 recipes for March 2020. Are you ready?

From appetisers, starters, snacks, the main course to desserts – we have covered it all for you in this list of best summer recipes. These dishes are hand-picked by us and we are sure that you will enjoy preparing them. Not only do they require fewer ingredients (and no fancy ingredients), they take a very little time to be prepared too. (Check all my other recipes here)

Even if you do not love cooking, we are sure these reading these recipes for quarantine season would surely make you wear the chef’s apron. Browse through our best tummy-filing recipes that are picks of March.

Curd Rice Recipe

Curd Rice Recipe Latest

We all know Curd Rice is one of the popular South Indian dishes. It looks simple but has very tasteful flavours. Curd Rice is a complete one-pot-meal in itself and it takes only 10 minutes to prepare. Also, this might come handy if you have some remaining rice from last night. Check Curd Recipe by clicking here.

Achari Masala Sandwich Recipe

Achari-Masala-Sandwich_Recipe Latest

Who doesn’t love to have a sandwich? Achari Masala Sandwich is a variant of sandwich that you would love to savour time and again. If you want to try something new, and also have a sandwich, then the recipe is the right pick for you. With no fancy ingredients and less time to prepare, we are sure, you will love it. Check Achari Masala Toast/Grill Sandwich recipe here.

Crispy Maggi Noodles Recipe

Crispy Maggi Noodles Recipe New

Speaking of best recipes, and that requires less time, Crispy Maggi Noodles surely has to be one of them. Well, everyone has their own unique Maggi recipe. Here is one recipe from ‘My Special Maggi Recipes Collection’ that I am sure you will love to try. Note: It will not be ready in 2 minutes, but will be worth every bite. Check Crispy Maggi Noodles recipe here.

Sev Puri Chaat Recipe

Sev Puri Recipe Latest

We have talked about appetisers, we have spoken about the main course, and dessert as well. However, if you want to try your hands at preparing a snack that is loved by one and all, Sev Puri Chaat, also known as Mumbai Sev Puri, should be the recipe you should try. Check Sev Puri Chaat Recipe here.

Dry Fruits Shrikhand Recipe

Dry Fruits Shrikhand Recipe Latest

How can we not add a dessert in this summer recipes list? Shrikhand has always been my forever love and I have enjoyed having it since my childhood. More so, it takes a smaller number of ingredients to prepare it, and even lesser time. If you want to try a dessert at home, which is both sweet and scrumptious, Dry Fruits Shrikhand should be your go-to dish. Check Dry Fruits Shrikhand recipe here.

We are sure that you loved reading our recipes. Do share it with your friends and family and spread the love. Also, if you have any queries about anything in the above-mentioned recipes, feel free to connect with us on my social-media channels given below. Ps: Good luck trying these summer recipes!

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