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Unibic Oat Cookies Review: Know More About The New Emerging Cookies Brand In Market

Unibic Cookies Product Review

Unibic, as we all know, is an upcoming brand in the cookies’ industry. Unibic was established in India in the year 2004. The brand also exports its products to more than 10 countries, spread across Australia, North America, UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and New Zealand. Unibic aims to serve consumers with a delightful range of cookies with new variants each time. And Unibis Oat Cookies is one of the latest launches by Unibic.

I got my hands on Unibic 40% Oat Cookies a few days back. The product seemed to be a pack of promising healthy digestive cookies. It serves 75g of product and retails for Rs. 30. You can buy Unibic 40% Oat Cookies in a supermarket, and also online from Amazon/Big Basket. Are you planning to buy this product anytime soon? Here’s where you can buy it online.

Unibic Oats Cookies Product Review

The cookies claim to have 40% oats in them and promise to be a really healthy buy. I had high hopes with this product. Let’s see what Unibic has to offer and get started with the detailed review of this product.

How does the Unibic 40% Oat Cookies Taste?

The Oats cookies are generally a bit harder than the usual maida (all-purpose flour) cookies and so were the Unibic 40% Oat cookies. Nonetheless, I don’t mind them being a bit harder, till the time they taste good. And it did taste well. It tasted like it is made up of oats. Also, it seems like brown sugar is used in its preparation. It tastes quite similar to Britannia Nutri Choice.

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How is the Packaging of Unibic 40% Oats Cookies?

It is packed in a (normal) plastic sealed packing like other snacks and cookies.

Is Unibic 40% Oats Cookies Value for Money?

This is a healthy buy also tasty too. So you can give it a try. However, rivals in this category sell the product at a lower price point than Unibic’s Rs 30, for example, Britannia retails the product in the range of Rs 20-25. The point here is Britannia is an established name in the market, and Unibic is comparatively new. So, this is totally up to you to decide if you try out this product or not.

What does Food KRITIK have to say about Unibic 40% Oats Cookies?

Unibic Oats Cookies Product Review

It is a good product. It is a nice buy too. But then, it is a bit costlier than its contemporaries. However, if you want to try something new in this healthy-yet-yummy category from Unibic, you can surely buy a pack of Unibic 40% Oats Cookies.

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