Chinese Idli Pakoda Recipe: Latest Fusion Recipe To Relish This Festive Season With Family Over Tea!

Latest Veg Fusion Recipe

Chinese Idli Pakoda – does it sound a little too weird? Well, if you go by the name, it surely is. But then, “What’s in the name,” said the great William Shakespeare, and that’s what this recipe is all about. I participated in a cooking club event in my city and prepared this delicious Veg Chinese Idli Pakoda recipe. Quick read: Paneer Parcel Recipe

Not to mention that I won the award for this ‘out-of-the-box’ idea at the event. Well, to not confuse you anymore, Chinese Idli Pakoda is a fusion recipe, which is a perfect blend of Chinese, South Indian, and North Indian cuisine. Also try: Achari Masala Sandwich Recipe

Not to forget it is also a scrumptious, finger-licking, and tempting recipe that can be made with no hassles. Neither the preparation method is complicated, nor does it take a lot of time to prepare. Don’t miss out this add-on: Virgin Mojito Recipe

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve in the making of this amazing recipe – Chinese Idli Pakoda – which I am sure that you will enjoy making it, and savour it as well.

Latest Chinese Idli Pakoda Fusion Recipe

  • Course: Snacks/Starters
  • Cook Time: 1 hour
  • Level of Cooking: Medium


For Pakoda Batter
  1. Gram flour (Besan) – ⅓ Cup
  2. Water- ¼ Cup
  3. Salt – As Per Taste
  4. Red Chilli Powder – ½ Teaspoon
  5. Garam Masala – ½ Teaspoon
  6. Turmeric Powder – 2 Pinches
For Idli
  1. Rawa or Suji – 500 Grams
  2. Salt – 3 Teaspoons (or as per taste)
  3. Buttermilk – 1.5 Glass
  4. ENO Powder – 1 Teaspoon
For Chinese Mixture
  1. Oil – 2 Teaspoons
  2. Garlic – 2 Teaspoons (Finely Chopped)
  3. Onion – 4 Tablespoons (Finely Chopped)
  4. Capsicum – 3 Tablespoons (Finely Chopped)
  5. Soya Sauce – 1 Teaspoon
  6. Salt – As Per Taste
  7. Black Pepper – ½ Teaspoon
  8. Vinegar – 1 Teaspoon
  9. Tomato Ketchup – 1 Tablespoon
  10. Red Chilli Sauce – 1 Teaspoon

Latest Indian Fusion Recipes


For Pakoda Batter
  1. Take all the ingredients in a bowl and batter it.
  2. Mix them thoroughly to make sure there are no lumps left in the batter.
For Idli
  1. Mix Suji, Salt and Buttermilk well
  2. In the first batter, add 1 Teaspoon of ENO Powder. Mix it well.
  3. Pour the batter into the greased Idli container and put it in a microwave oven for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Take it out and de-mould the Idlis.
  5. Repeat the same for the remaining batches of Idli.
For Chinese Mixture
  1. Take some Oil in a pan. Let it heat well.
  2. As soon as the Oil is hot, add Garlic, Onions, and Capsicum (one by one) to the pan.
  3. Keep stirring it.
  4. Add Soya sauce, Vinegar, Tomato Ketchup, Red Chilli Sauce, Salt, and Black Pepper to the mixture and give it a nice stir.
  5. After 2 minutes of cooking, switch off the flame.
Veg Chinese Idli Pakoda Recipe
Assembling the Chinese Pakoda Dish
  1. Take an Idli and slit it into 2 (equal) horizontal halves.
  2. Fill in a thin layer of Chinese mixture between the 2 halves of the Idli.
  3. Make a sandwich of the Idli halves with the Chinese mixture in its center.
  4. Now, dip the Idli sandwich into the Pakoda batter and coat it well with the batter.
  5. Then deep fry the battered Idli Pakoda in the hot oil until it turns golden brown.
  6. Take it out on an absorbent paper.
  7. Dice the Chinese Idli Pakoda into 4 parts and serve it hot with your choice of sauce/chutney.

Latest Veg Fusion Recipe

Chef’s Tip:

  1. You can alter the spices based on your flavours/taste preferences.
  2. You can also add some chutney for layering between the Idli Sandwich to give it the additional flavour
  3. Well speaking of Pakodas and not talking about Chai is injustice no? Well, here’s your Chai recipe too.
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