Lemon Soda Recipe: This Fizzy Drink Will Help You Beat The Summer Heat

Easy Lemon Soda Recipe

Lemon Soda is that one beverage, which is loved by one and all, especially in the summer season. With this scorching heat and blazing sun mounting on our heads during this season, there always lies a need of having a rejuvenating drink; something which re-energises our body in no time.

Well, a lot of people prefer having buttermilk to keep themselves refreshed. Some resort to plain-lime-water to quench their summer-thirst. However, one can also have Lemon Soda to cool off in the warm weather, sometimes. There are different ways to prepare, or one can say different variants of Lemon Soda. This one is super easy to prepare at home. And let’s not just get started on about how refreshing it is! (Also Read: Virgin Mojito: This Quick, Quirky And Quintessential Lime Drink Recipe Is A Must-Have This Summer Season).

Tangy Lemon Soda Recipe

At Flavours To Savour, we offer you this quick Lemon Soda recipe where you can prepare and serve to your family, friends, and guests in no time. Indeed, a very handy recipe to keep, this summer season, right? Also, one can enjoy it after meals for better digestion too.

Do try this easy-peasy recipe at home and let us know your feedback. Until next recipe, enjoy!

Main Ingredient: Lemon & Soda
Course: Beverage
Cook Time: 5-10 minutes
Serves: 1 person
Level of Cooking: Easy
Taste: Sour


  1. Soda – 1 Glass
  2. Lime Juice –  2 Teaspoons
  3. Rock Salt – ½ Teaspoon
  4. Ice Cubes – As you like it


  1. Squeeze Lime juice into a glass.
  2. Add Rock Salt to it.
  3. And when ready to serve, add the Ice Cubes and pour Soda into the glass.
  4. Serve this chilled Beverage.

Ways to Make Lime Soda

Chef’s Tip:

  1. Add Soda only once you are ready to serve immediately so that the gas of the Soda does not fizzes out.


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