Chocolate Lasagne Recipe: Prepare This No-Bake Pasta Dessert And Delight Your Peers This New Year!

No-Bake Chocolate Lasagne, naam toh suna hoga? If you haven’t, let me begin by telling you that it is another type of much-loved Pasta. There are different forms of Pasta which we make in our kitchen, usually the White Sauce or the Red Sauce ones. Well, Lasagne is nothing but a flat-bed variant of the usual Pasta. How To Make Instant Pasta? Know Step-by-Step Guide To Prepare This Ready-to-Make Snack at Home.

In the usual Lasagne recipes, we stuff it with different kind of vegetables and delicious fillings. But, have you thought of relishing a Lasagne which has layers of chocolates, all within it? Well, here’s one Chocolate Lasagne recipe which can be put into your Starter’s category, or even Main Course.

No Bake Chocolate-Lasagne_Recipe_2

It all depends on how much Chocolate (or its forms) do you want to fill in it. I am a die-hard fan of Nutella and cooking Pasta is another favourite pastime. So, this past weekend I thought to mix a bit of both the worlds and the result was is for all you to see! Here is one method of preparing a plateful of creamy white sauce Pasta.

Chocolate Lasagne is one of my favourite dishes, and it turned out finger-licking-good. You can add ingredients as per your wishes too, to make it tastier. For me, I thought to share with you the basic preparation method, so that you guys can improvise with your favourite things!

Main Ingredient: Chocolate | Course: Dessert

No Bake Chocolate-Lasagne_Recipe_2

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 1

Level of Cooking: Easy

Taste: Sweet


  1. Lasagne Sheet – 1 sheet for one serving
  2. Chopped Dark Chocolate – 80 Grams
  3. Nutella – 1 Tablespoon
  4. Chocolate Chips – As per taste (Optional)
  5. Crumbles of Chocolate Sponge Cake or Brownie – (Optional)
  6. Grated White Chocolate – (for Garnishing)
  7. Almonds – 2 (Chopped)

No Bake Chocolate-Lasagne_Recipe_2


    1. Put the Water on the boil, to boil the Lasagne sheet(s). How To Boil Pasta? Learn Easy Steps To Prepare Pasta Dishes Perfectly!
    2. Once the Lasagne sheet(s) are boiled, then take them out of the Water on a dry clean cloth and pat them dry.
    3. Cut the Lasagne sheet(s) into three equal parts (rectangles).
    4. Place one of the rectangular Lasagne sheets as the base, on a plate or a bowl, in which you want to serve in.
    5. Melt the chopped Dark Chocolate in a separate bowl.
    6. Now place a layer of Dark Chocolate on the Lasagne sheet set in the plate/bowl.
    7. Spread the Chocolate well.
    8. Add some crumbled Brownie, Choco Chips, or Gems etc. over the Chocolate topping.
    9. Place another Lasagne sheet over this Chocolate spread.
    10. Now add a layer of Nutella on the Lasagne sheet.
    11. Spread the Nutella well. Be generous and thank me later!
    12. Top this Nutella layer with some crumbled Brownie, Choco Chips, or Gems etc.
    13. Then again place the Lasagne sheet, for the final time.
    14. Top this sheet with a thick layer of the melted Dark Chocolate. Top it with some crumbled Brownie, Choco Chips and Chopped Almonds.
    15. Garnish it with some grated White Chocolate all over to make it better for Instagram!
    16. Voila! Your yummy, delicious, scrumptious and finger-licking Chocolate Lasagne is ready!

Chef’s Tip:

  1. Only chef’s tip is you should add as much chocolate as you can. More Chocolate = More Fun!

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