Mother’s Day Special: Try These Mothers’ Day Recipes And Surprise Your Mom With The Best Gift Ever

Mother's Day Recipes 2020

Mother’s Day is around the corner and the excitement levels to celebrate it with your ‘mom’ are really high. There are no words that can explain the meaning of ‘mother’, as it is beyond that. If you want to delight her on her special day, I am sure you would love to check our collection of Mother’s Day Recipes. It would be a great surprise for her if you prepare something extra special for her on May 10. Not just that, preparing one of these Mother’s Day Recipes could also relieve her of the kitchen duties, which you would want to happen. Also read: Top Recipes For Quarantine Season: Try These Amazing Quick Recipes At Home This Summers

This trending collection of delicious Mothers’ Day Recipes is very easy-to-prepare and would require no special/fancy ingredient that will give you second thoughts to make them. With little scope to experiment more this time, these yummy Mother’s Day Recipes would be an ideal choice if you are looking to amaze her with your culinary skills.

Mother’s Day is a day we look forward to every year. Ideally, every day is Mother’s Day, but then there should be one dedicated day that celebrates the efforts, time, love, and energy she invests in her family and society at large. Not to get too touchy on the topic, let us get back to where we started at — Latest Mother’s Day Recipes.

With Mothers’ Day less than a few days away, we at Flavours to Savour, bring you some of the most scrumptious menu ideas for this year’s ‘Mom’s Day’. Are you ready to dazzle her? Well, dive deep in this world of mouth-watering dishes…

1. Nutellicious Shake

Nutella Shake Recipe

Nutella, as we all know, can be used in a lot of recipes as the primary ingredient or in combination with something else. If your mom is a chocolate lover and loves to revel a spoonful of Nutella, then I am sure she will love this filling freak-shake, i.e. Nutellicious Shake. It has Nutella and everything chocolate to calm her sweet tooth in these torrid times. Full Recipe

2. Healthy Rajma Salad

Nutritious Salad Recipe

It is Mothers’ Day and how can one not talk about being healthy? But who says healthy cannot be tasty at the same time? If your mom loves to devour on different types of salads, then here’s the key to her heart for you. You can make this bowl of delicious Rajma Salad for her, and be ready to hear all the praises for this quick-and-easy recipe. Read The Recipe

3. Anjeer Kulfi

Anjeer Kulfi Recipe

How could I leave out a perfect evergreen dessert recipe of Kulfi from this list? Mostly, moms prefer to have Kulfis instead of fancy ice-creams these days. With summer peaking, this recipe of Anjeer Kulfi would surely melt her heart. Yes, it surely will. It would be a big-happy family moment when all the family members plan to devour this amazing bowl of Anjeer Kulfi, with a rousing (and touchy) toast for your dearest mom. Find The Recipe Here

4. Crispy Maggi Bhel

Latest Crispy Maggi Bhel Recipe

Can any compilation list of recipes ever be complete without a recipe of Maggi noodles? But there’s a slight twist in this your-favourite Maggi. However, I am sure that your mom would ve highly impressed with you if you pull-off this delicious Maggi recipe. Not to create more suspense, do try this Crispy Maggi Bhel recipe this Mother’s Day, and prepared to surprise, and delight your taste buds as well. Full Recipe Here

5. Coffee Walnut Pudding

Mother's Day Coffee Walnut Pudding Recipe

Couldn’t prepare lunch/dinner on Mother’s Day, and want to make your mom feel special? Well, here’s a simple solution for you. With no fancy ingredients and less time to prepare, this scrumptious Coffee Walnut Pudding Recipe will delight her like anything! One simply cannot miss out on this savoury dessert from the menu on Mother’s Day. After all, who doesn’t love to have desserts? Read The Recipe

6. Watermelon Slush

Watermelon-Ice Slushy Drink Recipe
Watermelon Ice Cooler Recipe

It is summer-time and one of the most loved fruits in this summer season is watermelon. If your mother is someone who loves is more of a fruit-loving person, then this Watermelon Ice Cooler recipe should be your go-to recipe. Don’t look at it just as a healthy recipe, because it is not. It is super-yummy and very easy-to-prepare too. Find The Recipe Here

7. Achari ParathaNew Achari Paratha Recipe

Looking for something innovative and tasty, yet a conventional Mother’s Day recipe? Well, here it is. Try this yummy Achari Paratha recipe and woo your mom on this Mothers’ Day. This recipe would not only satiate her hunger but would look soothing to eyes too. You can prepare several sides that can be served along with this, but a bowl of curd would do a world of good. Simple, soothing, and satiating – the 3 traits of Achari Paratha Recipe. Read The Recipe

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